Samuel Jackson (David Seatter) grapples with Lady Faringford's (Debra Whitfield) wit & wisdom.

Mrs. Jackson (Paula Hoza) rejoices in the safe return of her son, Eustace (Eric Miller). The young man's father (David Seatter) is more disconcerted than overjoyed by the dramatic reappearance of his wayward son.Eustace (Eric Miller) and Stella (Jenny Strassburg) enjoy their flirtation.
When Eustace (Eric Miller) is around, Stella (Jenny Strassburg) considers three a crowd. And Violet (Alesandra Nahodil) is definitely crowding her!

Eustace (Eric Miller) flirts with Stella (Jenny Strassburg). Her mother, Lady Faringford (Debra Whitfield), talks to Violet (Alesandra Nahodil), and hasn't noticed the flirtation yet. She won't be pleased!

Violet (Alesandra Nahodil) bemoans her fate as a proper young lady.

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