Mrs. Farrell (Paula Hoza), charwoman at the War Office doesn't think Gen. Sandstone's risk-taking on the battlefield excuses his swearing at her. "Would you put up with bad language from me because I've risked my life eight times in childbed?"
Anti-Suffraget Lady Corinthia (Debra Whitfield) believes women rule the world through men. "... when a woman is on the throne the country is ruled by men, and therefore ruled badly; whereas when a man is on the throne, the country is ruled by women, and therefore ruled well."
The formidable Mrs. Banger (Jane Kirkbride Hamilton) doesn't want the vote, she wants the right to military service. "Give me a well-mounted regiment of women with sabres, opposed to a regiment of men with votes. We shall see which will go down before the other."
The orderly (Marshall Yorke), who was conscripted into the army, doesn't think it's proper work for a man with an active mind. "Half of it's only housemaiding; and the other half is dress-up and make-believe."
General Mitchener (Ben Pologe) believes giving the vote to women is infernal nonsense. But he admits, "I am not clever at discussing public questions, because, as an English gentleman, I was not brought up to use my brains."
Is it love or common sense that prompts Gen. Mitchener (Ben Pologe) to propose to the widowed Mrs. Farrell (Paula Hoza)? He's willing to kiss her if she wishes, but she replies, "You'd only feel like a fool; and so would I."

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