The Demon Alcohol (Alan Gilbert) and Fairy Rosebud (Paula Hoza) plot mischief. Young lovers beware!

The Lady Angela Wealdstone (Debra Whitfield) -- in disguise as Jane Collins, hospital nurse -- has no idea of the mayhem about to ensue!Miss Clarissa Whortle (Annalisa Loeffler) fully expects to thwart her dictatorial father and marry the Rev. Aloysius Parfitt.

Rev. Parfitt (Michael Gnat), Sir Trevor Mauleverer (Jeffrey Eiche) and Clarissa Whortle (Annalisa Loeffler) have been transported by Fairy Rosebud to the Revolving Realms of Radiant Rehabilitation.

Sir Trevor (Jeffrey Eiche) transformed into Clown is baffled by his own tricks!Justice Sir John Whortle (David Seatter) after the Fairy Rosebud waves her wand and recites, "And as for you, you old High Court Buffoon, keep up that character as Pantaloon!"

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