"Of course people must get married! How is the world to go on if nobody is to get married?"
Mrs. Bridgenorth, the Bishop's wife (Marie Bridget Dundon)

"I should like to marry a lot of men. I should like to have Rejjy for every day, and Sinjon for concerts and theatres and going out in the evenings, ... and some perfectly blithering idiot of a boy to be quite wicked with."
Leo (Tammy McNeill), divorcing Reginald for Sinjon

"I have not stated my deepest objection to marriage; and I don't intend to. There are certain rights I will not give any person over me! 
Lesbia, an English lady (Annalisa Loeffler)

"Surely you're not going to be vindictive, Rejjy. Besides, you'll have all the advantages I formerly enjoyed. You'll be the visitor, the relief, the new face, the fresh news, the hopeless attachment: I shall only be the husband."
Sinjon (Eric T. Miller) speaking to Reginald (Jeffrey Eiche), whose wife Sinjon is planning to marry

"You don't believe in women, do you Anthony?"
Mrs. George, the Mayoress (Paula Hoza), speaking to Soames (Alan Gilbert), the lawyer-turned-chaplain who believes everyone should do their duty by taking Christian vows of celibacy and poverty

" All I said was that I didn't know the law when I asked you to be my wife."
Sykes (Brad Makarowski) to his irritated fiancee, Edith (Megan Raye Manzi)

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