Lucy Chase Wayne, wife of the Secretary of State (Debra Whitfield) learns from Sophy Prescott (Paula Hoza) that her hated rival, Irene Hibbard, has crashed her party.

Unwanted guest Irene Hibbard, wife of a Supreme Court Justice (Tracy Newirth) to Lucy Chase Wayne (Debra Whitfield): "You're so fortunate to have a past, my dear. It gives you something to talk about."Lucy's niece, Emmy Paige (Dayla Perkins), tells the good-looking - and single - Senator Gordon Keane (Gil Brady): "I've seen you in the Senate. I'd know you anywhere by the top of your head. You're the only one that's got that much hair!"
Secretary of State Stephen Wayne (Steve Vinovich) thinks his wife, Lucy, should stop re-writing Senator's speeches for them. "You're really much safer with a sword than with a pen."President of the Women's Peace, Purity & Patriotism League, Louella May Creevey (Patricia O'Connell), wants a presidential nominee the women of America can get behind!Supreme Court Justice Carter Hibbard (David Seatter) and his wife, Irene (Tracy Newirth), disagree about dinner plans. Says Irene,  "The Chief Justice's dinners bore me to death. Habeas corpus, and you're home again at ten-thirty."

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