Elizabeth (Samantha Mason) and Teddie (John Long) are amazed to find themselves in love ... if only Elizabeth weren't married to Arnold!

Elizabeth (Samantha Mason) tries to explain to her husband, Arnold (Jan-Peter Pedross), why she wants to leave him.

Elizabeth (Samantha Mason) tries to explain to Teddie (John Long) how torn she is. Should she stay with her husband or run off with Teddie?

Clive (Jeffrey Eiche) learns his ex-wife, Lady Kitty, is returning for a visit ... and she's bringing the man she left him for!

Lady Kitty (Paula Hoza), lover of lipstick and romance, reminisces.

The 'other man', Lord Porteous (David Seatter), is less than pleased to see Lady Kitty flirting with her ex-husband.

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