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The Doctor's Dilemma
by George Bernard Shaw

One of the greatest medical satires of all time, "The Doctor's Dilemma" deals with the problem of who gets treatment and why. The doctor of the title has developed a cure for tuberculosis but can only treat so many patients at one time. How can he choose? Shaw's satire is at its sharpest with this plot full of twists and turns.

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Shaw in Russia
Two short plays by George Bernard Shaw


"Great Catherine"
Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia (a woman with many lovers) takes a fancy to a young English Captain who arrives at her court. The Captain and his fiancee are dismayed and alarmed. And of course, Shaw being Shaw, hilarity ensues.

"Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress"
The Grand Duchess Annajanska has joined the revolution and eloped with a young revolutionary officer! The beautiful young Bolshevik Duchess is quickly captured by officers who secretly yearn for the restoration of the old regime. The ensuing clash of ideas, not to mention the surprise ending, will surely tickle your funny bone. 

The Philanderer
by George Bernard Shaw

First presented as a live reading on November 21, 2021

Leonard, a philanderer with two women in his life, enjoys living out his modern views. Then the two women meet and advanced thinking crashes into human nature. Shaw will have you in stitches as the conflicts between the old ways and the new play out.

Heartbreak House
by George Bernard Shaw

First presented as a live reading on September 12, 2021

An eccentric retired seaman with an interest in mysticism, his family and acquaintances (and, oh yes, a burglar!) gather together to flirt, tempt, tease and argue. Witty, impetuous and impulsive, they drop figurative bombshells on each other with abandon. But be on the lookout - a few literal bombs may drop.,And a good time is guaranteed to all!

Getting Married
by George Bernard Shaw

First presented as a live reading on August 8, 2021

Sparks fly as marriage - that "wicked contract" - is debated by family and guests when the bride and groom balk. Be prepared to laugh out loud.

You Never Can Tell
by George Bernard Shaw

First presented as a live reading on June 19, 2021

It’s the battle of the sexes — with one of Shaw’s sunniest & funniest comedies! An independent New Woman with 3 children has long been separated from her conventional, grumpy husband. While visiting a fashionable seaside resort the family accidentally meets the husband and father. The eldest daughter, also a New Woman, meets a charming, young dentist. Will he succeed in wooing her? Will the family be reunited?


by George Bernard Shaw

First presented as a live reading on July 11, 2021

"If you must hold yourself up to your children as an object lesson
(which is not at all necessary), hold yourself
up as a
warning and not as an example." GBS

Parents and their children and the Generation Gap. Love. Marriage. Morality. Shaw juggles all these profundities while simultaneously managing to keep us laughing -- at ourselves, our society and the state of the world  -- as only Shaw's sparkling wit can!

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The Shawedcast!

We're now bringing the works of George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries to the 21st Century, via podcast! Our first podcast featured George Bernard Shaw’s How He Lied to Her Husband. Shaw's one-act comedy from 1904 is said to have been written in just 4 days! It was commissioned by the famous American actor Arnold Daly, who was instrumental in bringing Shaw’s plays to American audiences. The play was originally performed as an opener for the New York premier of Shaw’s longer play, The Man of Destiny, both starring and produced by Daly. When it premiered in London the following year, the cast included Harley Granville-Barker as Henry Apjohn and Gertrude Kingston as Aurora Bompas. How He Lied to Her Husband has often been considered a satire of Shaw’s earlier and hugely successful play, Candida, which became so popular that critics of the day coined the term “Candidamania.” As with anything that attains mainstream success, Candida opened itself up to parody. However, Shaw would go on to say that anyone who thinks How He Lied to Her Husband satirizes Candida, “understands neither the one nor the other.” How He Lied to Her Husband was first recorded and broadcast for the BBC in 1937 with Greer Garson as the headliner.

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DID YOU KNOW? George Bernard Shaw is the only person to have been awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature (1925) and an Oscar (1938 -- for his work on the film adaptation of his play Pygmalion).

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